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Episode 61: Demon House

Updated: Nov 6, 2018

Demon House


here’s no way around it, you guys: There is definitely a PORTAL TO HELL under the basement stairs in a crappy rental house in Gary, Indiana. It’s definitely definitely real, and I know this because that bro The Travel Channel--the one with the ghost hunter show or whatever-- said so. And so did the 12-foot goat-man who haunts his dreams. And he has NOTHING TO GAIN BY MAKING THIS WHOLE THING UP!

Once again, we haaaaaaaaaaated this movie, so you know the episode is going to be hilarious. Zak Bagans buys the ‘haunted’ house, a little boy gets possessed and walks up a wall, and a cameraman turns evil. That’s about it. Oh and Patrick tries out the word “Bro” (it doesn’t go great) and Gillian laughs so hard she nearly chokes.


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