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46: Finders Keepers

You Guys, I Swear to God this is what this movie is about….

In 2004, John Wood had his left leg amputated after a single-engine plane crash that left him badly injured. He somehow convinced the doctors to let him keep the leg (!!!!!), he mummified it—yes MUMMIFIED IT—and eventually put it in a storage locker. In 2007 Shannon Whisnant unwittingly bought the leg when he purchased the contents of John’s storage locker after months of unpaid rent. Shannon—who should have been horrified—saw the leg as a money-making opportunity. He branded himself “The Leg Man” and tried to turn the leg into a tourist attraction. After learning what had become of his leg (HIS LEG, YOU GUYS), John decided to try to get it back. And the most ridiculous and disgusting custody battle the world has ever known was born.


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