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The Keepers Parts 1 & 2

Episode 6: THE KEEPERS: Part 1 (episodes 1 - 3)

Who killed Sister Cathy Ceznick in Baltimore, MD in November of 1969? Two former students--our heroes Gemma and Abbie--launch a dogged investigation into the decades-old cold case. The horrors they uncover include stories of sexual abuse by Priests, a possible cover up by the Catholic Church, and a potentially corrupt city government.

In pursuit of the truth, we meet crooked cops, gay uncles, pregnant drag queens (you heard me), a detective named "deep throat," and a whole bunch of bad-ass ladies who are getting to the bottom this thing, no matter what.

This episode is part one of two.

Episode 7: THE KEEPERS Part 2 (Episodes 4 - 7)

The investigations continue. The dirtbg- Priests are investigated, the sex crimes unit does nothing! Father Maskel disappears, Jane Doe and Jjane Roe have their day in court!

Also, conspiracy theories abound! Two nieces put their uncles forward, we meet a possible suspect, drag queen nuns take over Baltimore (sort of), and Gerry Koob has a very disturbing--if unlikely--experience with a police officer. You gotta hear this one.

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