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126: The Man Who Would Be Polka King

UMMMMMM, So we have a lot of questions. We can’t wait for you to meet Jan Lewan, the “Polka God” at the center of this thing. But we also can’t wait for you to meet his wife Rhonda, who definitely didn’t win the Mrs. Pennsylvania 1998 pageant, no matter what she tells you. And look, there’s no getting around it, there’s a lot of polka and super old people in this one. But also fraud and a SUPER PISSED accordion player. Also, The Pope (do you capitalize the The in The Pope? Whatever) makes an appearance, and Patrick gets a new drag name. This one is jam packed with laughs at just the right time, so enjoy and then CALL YOUR MOTHER, she’s wondering how you’re doing.



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Apr 01, 2020

I signed up just to say this: I'm already on the Pates and I STILL don't get enough Gillian. Let's get some of these ideas goin' girl, your fans are waiting, we bored out here. PS: great ep <3

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