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Episode 59: The Devil and Father Amorth

The Devil and Father Amorth


First things first, you guys…WE HAAAAAAAAAAAATED THIS MOVIE….which is good news because we have SHIT. TO. SAY.

In the mood for a great movie about a suuuuper scary exorcism? GO WATCH THE EXORCIST AND SKIP THIS GARBAGE ALL TOGETHER (but don’t be a monster, listen to the episode.)

So whatever, the guy who directed The Exorcist gets invited to witness and record an exorcism. He fakes a lot of the audio (WE’RE GUESSING, LAWYERS, DON’T COME FOR US) and then FORGETS HIS CAMERA when he goes to interview THE POSESSED WOMAN and has an ACTUAL SUPERNATURAL ENCOUNTER in a 12th century church. We call bullshit.


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