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Episode 56: Weiner

Updated: Sep 12, 2018



We hate to insult garbage by calling Anthony Weiner garbage...but we can't think of another word. DING!

Anthony Weiner did a lot for the people of New York as a Congressman from 1999 - 2011. HOWEVER it all went off the rails when he started SEXTING women WHO WEREN'T HIS WIFE (A quick timeout: his wife is Huma Abedin: brilliant woman, close adviser to Hilliary Clinton, and human-who-will-not-stand-for-your-shit). His resignation from Congress was quickly followed by a run for Mayor of New York City and, because (some) men will be (some) men, MORE DICK PICS TO WOMEN WHO AREN'T HIS WIFE CAME OUT! Huma isn't having it, neither is NYC, AND NEITHER is his chief advisor, Kueen Amit Bagga in her mustard yellow pants. 


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