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185: Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel Part 2

Can a building be evil? (Gillian: “NO, IT’S JUST A BUILDING!”). Can web sleuths solve a truly bizarre death? (Patrick: “NO! GET OFF FACEBOOK AND GO. OUT. SIDE.). And what exactly is a hotel general manager’s job? (Patrick and Gillian: (“UNCLEAR!”) Welcome to the Cecil Hotel—a once grand hotel which rotted from the inside and became a place where “dreams go to die” and “serial killers let their hair down.”

Elisa Lam knew none of that, of course, when she checked in on January 28, 2013. She went missing a few days later. And two weeks after that, out of desperation to find her, the LAPD released the now infamous “elevator video” of her which set the internet ablaze. Join us and the investigators and internet…sleuths? we all try to put together the pieces of her disappearance and death. And I promise, we land on an answer as to what happened to her.



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