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145: Blago! The Rise and Fall of Rod Blagojvich

Rod "Blago" Blagojevich had a charmed path to the Governor's Mansion in Illinois: He married Patty Mell, the daughter of a powerful Democratic Alderman who helped him jump from state legislator to Governor in just 10 years. And then he F***ED it all up. When Obama (COME BACK, GIRL!) was elected President, and it was up to Blago to appoint a replacement, he went all over Chicago trying to SELL. THAT. SEAT. And the FBI has the tapes to prove it! OH OH OH!! And when he got caught and knew he was headed for trial, HE WENT ON THE CELEBRITY APPRENTICE to try to get too famous to send to jail. Thaaaaaaaaat didn't go as planned. 




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