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119: The Source Family


What can we say, the 60s in Los Angels were ROUGH! Lots of drugs and crappy eating, not to mention the terrible music. So it just seemed fitting that when the 70s rolled around and a guy named Jim Baker opened a bunch of popular health food restaurants on the Sunset Strip that he should parlay that into a full on cult…WITH A ROCK BAND! Soon hundreds of members of “the family” are crammed into a 3 bedroom / 2 bath house and it all goes exactly how you imagine. BUCKLE UP, YOU GUYS, THIS ONE IS BANANAS. 



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Feb 10, 2020

AH the Source Fam!

I met Isis Aquarius a few years back thru a dear friend. She might be available for an interview?! She is the family scribe, and a lovely person. Also the filmmaker Jodi presented this doc in a Marriott (weirdly enough) in Baltimore, and is pretty cool too.

I just love y'all so much and my wife and I tell every person we meet to listen to your show! It's brilliant how you deconstruct the shows, and it makes us feel better to hear your snark (G) and your ffin laugh (P).

Thank you for your sanity! A fan in Orange County California xo Moon

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