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215: Fruitcake Fraud

AND BEFORE YOU CAN EVEN THINK IT, LET ME REMIND YOU THAT PATRICK IS THE QUEEN FRUITCAKE AROUND HERE...and as much as we want this to be about a band of gay fraudsters, it's not.

TIS THE SEASON TO BE SHADY! When the world's most beloved fruitcake company realizes that millions upon millions of dollars have been stolen from the CENTURY OLD FRUITCAKE FACTORY, the whole town is in an uproar. We've got socialites LITERALLY GOSSIPPING OVER POMEGRANATE MARTINIS AT 9AM, members of the centuries old cotillion book club who SIMPLY CAN'T BELIEVE IT, And the world's great accountant, a lady named Semetric, who figures it all out. THIS. ONE. IS. BANANAS.




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