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Episode 23: Dear Zachary

Our most requested episode to date...and it was a doozy

In 2001, Dr. Andrew Bagby was shot dead by jealous ex-girlfriend Dr. Shirley Turner. Shortly thereafter, Bagby's friends and family were hocked to learn that Turner was pregnant with Bagby's son. Hoping to create a film that would serve as both a memorial to Bagby and an introduction to the father the boy would never know, Bagby's bwst friend Kuenne quickly began production on a film celebrating the life of his late friend.

Meanwhile, upon learning that Turner had fled to Newfoundland, Bagby's devastated parents uprooted their entire lives and relocated to the easternmost providence of Canada in order to fight for the custody of their newborn grandson, Zachary. However, the Canadian government freed Turner on bail and she maintained custody of Zachary as she awaited extradition to the United States. The situation took a devastating turn during that crucial time and tragedy ensued.

This. One. Was. Brutal. But, don’t worry, we found a way to laugh through the rage.


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