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132: Chris Watts: Family Man / Family Murderer

Updated: May 19, 2020

Chris Watts and his wife Shanann seemed to have it all: Thriving careers, wonderful friends, two beautiful kids with a third on the way. But then on August 13, 2018, Shanann’s best friend Nicole can’t get ahold of Shanann. She calls and calls,  and then goes to Shanann’s house. Shanann’s car, purse, phone, wallet, medication are all there, but Shanann and the kids are gone. The mystery of the disappearance of Shanann and the kids unfolds in real time thanks to home security footage, footage from police bodycams, neighborhood security footage, and actual 911 calls. In the end, Chris Watts himself is admits to killing his whole family, leaving everyone around them, and the world at large, wondering why.



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