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Can I Tell You a Secret? Part 1

FAM! This is part 1 of our two part coverage of Can I Tell You A Secret? As a special bonus for Patreon members, Episode 2 is available right now and ad free at the $5 tier on Patreon. It will be our regular free episode next week.

Imagine it: you're out there living your life. You're young, having fun, living your dream by building a social media following of people rabid for your content. You feel like you've made it. But then one day, you answer a cryptic direct message, and your entire world is turned upside down. You're being stalked and terrorized by what feels like a network of people who are out to destroy you and all that you have built. And you wonder if you will ever feel safe again. This is exactly what happened to the three women at the center of Can I Tell You A Secret?

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